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Features of rotary drum screening machine

High screening efficiency
For the equipment is equipped with a plate-type screen cleaning mechanism, during the screening process, no matter how viscous, humid, or miscellaneous the materials entering the separating screen are, the relative movement of the screen cleaning machine and the screen body will never be blocked, thereby, the screening efficiency is improved.
Good working environment
The entire screening mechanism is designed in a sealed dust cover, which completely eliminates the phenomenon of dust flying during the screening process.

Low noise
During the operation of the rotary drum screening equipment, the noise generated by the material and the rotating screen is completely isolated by the sealed dust cover, so that the noise cannot be transmitted to the outside of the equipment.
Convenient maintenance
There is observation window on both sides of the dust-proof cover. The staff can observe the operation of the equipment at any time while working. There are quick-opening doors for maintenance at the end of the sealing cover and the side of the cleaning machine mechanism. When the equipment is regularly checked and repaired, it is very convenient and does not affect the normal operation of the equipment.
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