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What are the reasons for the wear of the roller surface of the double roller extrusion granulator?

1. Improper operation
If the actual operation is not carried out in accordance with the actual operating standards, the gap adjustment is improper, resulting in increased force and damage the roller. Another type of damage in the work is the untidy raw materials, which contains copper, sulfur and other residual particles. It will also damage the surface of the roller.
2. Feeding uniformity
The feed of the roller extrusion granulator must be even. If the feed is severely uneven, one end feeds more material and the other end feeds less, which will cause uneven force on both sides of the roller bearing. That will increase the friction between the middle of the roller bearing and the raw material so as to wear the the roller bearing.

3. The raw material factors of the roller surface of the roller extrusion granulator
In the process of surface wear of the pressure roller, the friction and anti-extrusion force of the raw materials cannot be ignored. This type of force requires higher quality of the roller skin. Slower grinding speed for high-quality roller skins, and faster wear of poor roller skins.
4. The PH value and moisture content of raw materials
The roller skin is made of stainless steel, which has a strong reaction to the acidity and alkalinity of chemical substances. The moisture and pH of the raw materials are not good, which will cause corrosion and damage to the surface of roller.
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