Shunxin Fertilizer Machine & Production Line

Which equipment is indispensable for making granular organic fertilizer?

The complete organic fertilizer production line for the production of granular organic fertilizer includes a compost turner, a wet material crusher, a horizontal mixer, a disc granulator or a new type organic fertilizer granulator, a rotary dryer, a rotary cooler, and a rotary drum screening machines, rounding machines, coating machines, quantitative packaging scales, and belt conveyors or bucket elevators for conveying materials between equipment. This type of organic fertilizer production line is a high-configuration organic fertilizer production line. Most of the high-configuration organic fertilizer production lines are relatively large-scale and market-competitive companies.

Most of the organic fertilizers are small-scale organic fertilizer processing plants, which are produced and sold in a small area. This kind of small organic fertilizer plant rarely chooses high-configuration organic fertilizer equipment, but chooses simple production lines. When choosing simple organic fertilizer equipment, the following equipment is indispensable: wet material crusher, mixer, granulator, roller screening machine, quantitative packaging scale, these five equipments can form a simple organic fertilizer granule production line.
There are many equipment for producing fertilizer. So how much is a set of fertilizer equipment? How much area of the fertilizer plant? Is there a production video of fertilizer? For these questions, welcome to contact us.



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