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How to know when your compost is ready?

Color and texture: Finished compost should have a dark, crumbly texture resembling soil. It should be free of recognizable organic materials such as twigs or eggshells. The compost should have a consistent, earthy smell, indicating that decomposition is complete.

Temperature: Composting is an exothermic process, meaning it generates heat. When the composting process is active, the pile may feel warm to the touch. However, once the decomposition is complete, the temperature should return to ambient levels.

Appearance of original materials: If you can still identify recognizable materials, such as kitchen scraps or leaves, it may indicate that the composting process is not finished. Ideally, all organic materials should be broken down into a uniform consistency.

Decomposition time: Monitor the rate of decomposition. If new materials you add to the compost pile break down relatively quickly, it suggests that the compost is nearing completion.

Testing: Conduct a simple plant growth test to check if the compost is ready. Take a small amount of the compost and use it to plant seeds or seedlings in a pot. If the plants grow well without any signs of distress or stunted growth, it’s a good indication that your compost is ready for use.

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