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Rotary Drum Fertilizer Screening Machine

Model:                                SXGS
Power:                                 3kw/4kw/5.5kw/11kw
Use:                                     Fertilizer screening
Material:                              Carbon steel Q235/Alloy


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  • Technical Parameters

The rotary drum screening machine is a new type of self-cleaning material-screening special equipment. It is widely used in screening various solid materials that size less than 300mm. It has high efficiency, low noise, small amount of dust, long service life, less maintenance, easy maintenance and many other features. The screening capacity is 60 tons / hour ~1000 tons / hour.


  1. High screening efficiency: because the equipment has a plate cleaning mechanism, so it can not block the screen, so as to improve the screening efficiency of the equipment.
  2. Good working environment: the whole screening mechanism is designed in a sealed dust cover, which completely eliminates the dust flying phenomenon in the screening process, and improves the working environment.
  3. Low equipment noise: during the operation process, the noise of material and rotating screen is completely sealed and isolated by dust cover, thereby reducing the equipment noise.
  4. Long service life: the screen mesh is composed of a plurality of circular flat steel, a cross-sectional area is far larger than that of other screen separation equipment, so that increase the equipment service life.
  5. Convenient maintenance: there are several observation windows on both sides of the equipment sealing dust cover, so that the work staff can observe the operation situation of the equipment at any time.

Working Principles

Through the reasonable rotation of the center separation cylinder of the equipment that achieved by the transmission deceleration system, the self cleaning rotary drum screen machine start to work. The center separation cylinder a sieve composed of a plurality of ring shaped flat steel rings, which is tilt installed above the ground plane. In the work, the material enters into the cylinder from its top, then the cylinder rotating to screening materials. In the separation process, the fine materials separated from top to bottom by mesh interval circular flat steel, and the coarse materials from the separating device is discharged into the crusher.
Working Video

Technical Parameters

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