Shunxin Fertilizer Machine & Production Line

Our Organic Fertilizer Production Equipment Heads to Iraq

In order to promote organic farming, the supply of organic fertilizer production equipment is crucial. Our machines can transform various organic materials, including agricultural waste, animal and plant residues, and algae, into high-quality organic fertilizers.
We are proud to announce that our organic fertilizer production equipment has been shipped to Iraq. This equipment includes fermentation equipment, mixer, granulator, dryer and more. This delivery will contribute to enhancing Iraq’s agricultural production capacity, reducing dependence on imported chemical fertilizers, minimizing the environmental impact of agriculture, and improving the livelihoods of farmers. It represents a significant step towards promoting sustainable agriculture and protecting ecosystems.

Organic agriculture is not only the future of Iraq but also a global agricultural trend. We are proud to play a part in Iraq’s agricultural development and sustainability. We look forward to witnessing the arrival of organic fertilizer production equipment, bringing positive transformation to Iraq’s agriculture, improving the quality of life for farmers, and contributing to environmental conservation and sustainable agriculture. This marks a promising beginning, and we anticipate the prosperity and sustainable development of agriculture in Iraq in the future.



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