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Why do cow dung organic fertilizer processing plants like to produce granular fertilizers?

The composted cow dung has been harmless and stabilized, and it has reached the basic conditions for resource utilization as organic fertilizer, but it has not yet reached the level of commercialization in the market, and its application effect and scope of use are still limited. Therefore, it is necessary to further process the compost material into products such as powder or granular organic-inorganic compound fertilizer with commercial properties through the subsequent fertilization process.
Due to the low overall nutrients of compost products, it can only be used as a part of the base fertilizer, which is different from the existing agronomic planting habits and the characteristics of crop fertilizer requirements. Therefore, it is necessary to add a part of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium macroelement fertilizers to organic fertilizers to make commercial organic-inorganic compound fertilizers. Organic-inorganic compound fertilizer is based on the dual characteristics of organic fertilizer and inorganic fertilizer, that is, it has the characteristics of long fertilizer efficiency of organic fertilizer, soil improvement, and activation of inorganic nutrients in soil, and also has the characteristics of high nutrient and fast fertilizer efficiency of inorganic fertilizer. Make up for their respective deficiencies, and achieve the combination of quick-acting and long-acting fertilizers. Therefore, the planning and design of organic fertilizer plants usually take organic-inorganic compound fertilizer as the main product, and take into account the production of organic fertilizer products.

Organic fertilizer products can be made into granules or powder, depending on market demand. In order to balance nutrients, suitable for transportation and storage, it is recommended to process the organic-inorganic compound fertilizer into granules, and the granules have cylindrical and spherical shapes. The moisture content requirements of the finished pellets are: organic fertilizer ≤ 30%; organic-inorganic compound fertilizer ≤ 12%. Welcome to contact us for fertilizer making machine.



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