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What are the common types of compost turner?

The modern method of producing organic fertilizer is to use the fermentation of aerobic microorganisms under aerobic conditions, and use composting equipment to quickly convert agricultural wastes such as livestock and poultry manure, crop straws and other agricultural wastes into stable and harmless high-quality organic fertilizers. According to the fermentation method of the organic matter composting process, the turners can be mainly divided into two types: groove type and crawler type, as shown in the figure below.
(a) Groove Type
The groove type compost turner is an organic fertilizer fermentation equipment. It is suitable for the industrialized fermentation treatment of organic solids such as animal manure, domestic waste, sludge, crop straw, etc. It adopts a ground tank structure, and multiple tanks can be designed according to the plant structure. It has the advantages of simple operation, short fermentation period, sufficient fermentation, low pollution and convenient expansion.

(b) Crawler Type
The crawler-type turner adopts the crawler as the wheel, and it can work normally even if the ground is slippery. There are shoulder pads on both sides to prevent the compost material from sticking to the crawler turner and affecting normal walking. A water spray device can be installed on the front side of the turner, and an anti-splash baffle can be installed on the rear side to prevent materials from flying. The cab of the crawler turner can be equipped with air conditioners, fans, etc., which is warm in winter and cool in summer. The use of the crawler compost turner can save the civil construction cost of the fermentation tank, and it can be opened at any time, which is convenient for transferring the composting site.

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