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How to solve the corrosiveness of livestock and poultry manure to organic fertilizer processing equipment?

Will livestock manure cause corrosion to organic fertilizer processing equipment?
The answer is yes, organic fertilizers are usually made from fresh chicken, cow, pig and other manure. As these are rich in nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and other organic substances in manure and urine. Due to the presence of these components, the compost material is weakly acidic or weakly alkaline.
So how to reduce or avoid the corrosion of livestock and poultry manure to organic fertilizer processing equipment?
1. In the use of organic fertilizer equipment, most of the load acts on the bearing, so great attention is paid to lubricating the bearing, because it directly affects the service life of the machinery, so do not be stingy with the use of lubricating oil.
2. It should be noted that the lubricant must be clean and have a relatively good seal. Lubricating oil is mainly filled with mechanical rotary bearings, roller bearings, gear bearings, sliding surfaces, and newly installed wheels are easy to loosen, and should be checked regularly.

3. When the organic fertilizer processing equipment is in use, it is normal to observe the operation of each part. Check the wear degree of the wearing parts, and pay attention to replace the worn parts in time.
4. The chassis of equipment is exposed. For example, after the turning operation of the organic fertilizer turner, dirt and other materials should be removed to avoid mechanical blockage.
In short, to prolong the service life of machinery, we must pay attention to timely inspection and maintenance of mechanical parts, apply lubricating oil, keep lubricating oil clean, and do not let dirt remain on the mechanical rails.
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