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Where is the better site for an organic fertilizer production plant?

Where is the better site for an organic fertilizer production plant?
Since the production process of organic fertilizer will produce some odors and pollution from transportation of raw material, the key to select the site of the organic fertilizer production plant is to master the following several principles.
①Keep away from residential areas, industrial areas and avoid disgusted from surrounding residents and other production plants.
②Near the source of the main raw materials to avoid the transportation cost and transportation pollution of the raw materials.
③The transportation is convenient but try to be a distance from the main road.
④The water and power supply should be convenient.

Organic Fertilizer Production Line

In the planning and design of the organic fertilizer plant, we must pay attention to:
①The office area should be as far away as possible from the fermentation field, and the office area should be at the upwind.
②The selection of process equipment is appropriate, and the fermentation equipment is equipped with stirring and smashing functions to avoid the stacking and transfer of raw materials caused by the processing of raw materials.
③The logistics should be unobstructed, short, interlocking, and transportation in the factory should not cross.
④The channel of raw materials is independent and separated from the main channel.



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