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How to improve the efficiency of the solid-liquid separator?

To understand how to improve the solid-liquid separator, we must first understand the working principle of the solid-liquid separator. The solid-liquid separator can work continuously. The manure-water mixture is continuously pumped into the body of the solid-liquid separator. With the pressure constantly increasing, the raw materials will be pushed out form discharge port, and the extrusion port will be extruded to achieve the purpose of extruding and discharging. The screw extrusion solid-liquid separator has advantages of high degree of automation, simple operation, easy maintenance, large daily processing capacity, low power consumption and continuous operation.

The main machine of solid-liquid separator is made of high-quality stainless steel. The key components are made of alloy materials through a special process. It covers a small area. It is an ideal manure treatment equipment for large-scale cattle farms and pastures. It can greatly improve the efficiency of solid-liquid separation.
The efficiency of the solid-liquid separator can be improved from dealing with raw materials. First of all, there is a minimum requirement for the separated materials. From the technological requirements, a manure storage groove for storing manure water should be built. If it is found that the concentration of manure water to be separated is too thin, and its solidified content is less than 5%, the solid-liquid separation will greatly reduce the discharge.



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