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Comparison of traditional processing technology and modern processing technology of organic fertilizer

Compared with the traditional processing technology of organic fertilizer, the modern processing has the following advantages:
1. The fermentation time is shortened from 30-90 days to 7-15 days, and the processing time is greatly shortened.
2. It can deal with livestock and poultry manure annually to realize the continuous production of organic fertilizer.
3. The production scale can be designed according to the amount of livestock and poultry manure produced, and the processing capacity is large.

4. The whole process of livestock and poultry manure processing can be controlled, and the processing process does not pollute the environment.
5. The processed organic fertilizer has high nutrient content and it is easy to transport and use.
The traditional method of livestock and poultry manure treatment is on-site composting, which has been used for thousands of years. However, traditional artificial composting is no longer suitable for the development of modern agriculture. Nowadays, modern processing of organic fertilizer technology has become the trend of future development.



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