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What are the stages of processing pig manure into organic fertilizer?

1. Fermentation
One kilogram of starter can ferment about 10 tons of pig manure. The starter is mixed with rice bran, straw powder, etc. at a ratio of 1:5. Then they are evenly mixed with pig manure. The moisture of the fermented pig manure raw materials should be controlled at about 60%. Too much or too little moisture will affect the fermentation effect.
During the fermentation, a fermentation turning machine should be used to periodically turn the raw materials. The purpose is to make the materials more oxygenated and the fermentation is more uniform and full. Generally, the fermentation can be completed in about 10 days. In fact, after the fermentation, the pig manure organic fertilizer has been processed and can be used for personal use. However, the organic fertilizer that generally needs to be sold needs further processing to achieve better use effects and sales quality.

After fermented, pig manure organic fertilizer will appear uneven color, material size, etc., and it looks like it has not been fermented. It is difficult for ordinary people to think that it is organic fertilizer that has been harmlessly treated. In order to make the appearance and quality of organic fertilizer higher, powdered organic fertilizer needs to be processed by organic fertilizer crushing equipment to crush the original materials to a certain particle size.
3. Granulation
Granular organic fertilizer is more versatile than powdered organic fertilizer. After granulation, the organic fertilizer has a high density and strength. The fertilizer effect is sustained after being applied to the soil. Longer time, the effect is better. Therefore, high quality organic fertilizers generally need to be granulated.
Of course, organic fertilizer equipment is needed in the process of processing pig manure organic fertilizer. A complete set of pig manure organic fertilizer processing equipment includes: fermentation equipment, mixer, crusher, granulator, screening machine, dryer, cooler, coating machine, automatic packaging machine, belt conveyor. We can customize any form of pig manure organic fertilizer treatment equipment according to customer’s needs. For details, please contact us.



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