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What is the production process of powdered organic fertilizer?

When producing powdered organic fertilizers, strip fermentation is generally used, which can be carried out in an open field. It can also be used with groove type fermentation. The main difference is that the choice of fermentation equipment is different. The following are the production processes of powdered organic fertilizer.
1. Adjusting moisture content: When the moisture content of the raw material is too low, you should add water or animal urine to increase the moisture content. If the moisture content is too high, you should take solid liquid separation, or add auxiliary materials to reduce the water content. The auxiliary materials can be straws, peanut shells, and other plant residues. The final moisture content should reach 45%-50%.
2. After the raw materials are well proportioned, you should stir them evenly and put them into a tank or stack them on a flat ground into strips that is 2 meters wide and 1 meter high.

3. Adding strains: Strains and residues are prepared in a ratio of 1:5, and about 1kg of strains are added for every 15 tons of fecal raw materials. They are evenly sprayed on the surface of the pile, which is to increase the beneficial bacteria and increase the speed of fermentation.
4. Fermentation: You can use a crawler type compost turner in the open field, and a groove type compost turner can be to turn the piles for trough fermentation.
5. Crushing: In order to avoid agglomeration during storage, raw materials that are fermented and decomposed are also crushed. You can use a organic fertilizer grinder to finely pulverize the raw materials. After the first pulverization, the raw materials need to be sieved once, and the incompletely pulverized ones are sieved out for a second pulverization. Finally a uniform and fine organic fertilizer is obtained.
At this point, the entire process of powdered organic fertilizer has been processed and can be packaged and sold. We can customize any form of organic fertilizer treatment equipment according to customer’s needs. For details, please contact us.



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