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What are the benefits of granulation process in fertilizer production?

In general fertilizer production, organic fertilizer granulation is carried out and the purpose of the granulation is as follows:
①In order to accurately quantify, dispense, manage, and avoid uneven distribution of nutrient content.
②Prevent dust flying and adhesion on the wall. Granulation can prevent environmental pollution and loss raw materials.
③Prevent the segregation of various components of the fertilizer. Segregation is prone to occur when the particle size and density of each component in the formula are different. Granulation can effectively prevent the segregation of fertilizer particles.

④Prevent agglomeration in the production process of fertilizer. The number of particles that can be contacted around each particle is small, so the adhesion and agglomeration are greatly reduced, which can greatly improve the fluidity of the particles.
⑤Adjust the bulk density to increase or extend the storage time of fertilizer.
⑥Easy to use, transport, and increase the value of granules.
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