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What equipment is needed to produce cow manure organic fertilizer?

1.The process of cow manure fertilizer production line:
A compost turner to ferment the cow dung——Crushing the fermented cow dung ——Stirring the raw materials evenly with a mixer——The granulator makes granulation——The dryer evaporates the water in the granules——The cooler quickly drops the temperature of the granules——The screening machine screens out unqualified granules——The unqualified granules come to re-grind and granulate——Qualified particles are coated——The final organic fertilizer product is quantitatively divided into bags by packaging machines.
2. The equipment is needed to process cow manure organic fertilizer:
There are mainly organic fertilizer compost turning machines, organic fertilizer crushing equipment, horizontal mixers, organic fertilizer granulators, drying and cooling machines, as well as screening machines, coating machines, automatic packaging scales and other fertilizer processing auxiliary equipment.
3.The production process is shown in the figure below:

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