Shunxin Fertilizer Machine & Production Line

The cost of the fertilizer equipment

The most common organic fertilizers on the organic fertilizer market are roughly divided into two types: powder form and granular form. The prices of these two forms of organic fertilizers are different in the market. The granular form is higher than the powder form, and the profit is also higher. The production cost of granular cow dung organic fertilizer is also relatively high.
The powdery fertilizer organic fertilizer production line can be matched with three equipments. They are fermentation equipment, fertilizer mixing equipment and crushing equipment. The price is between 15,000-23,000 dollars.

The production line of granular organic fertilizer is recommended to be equipped with a complete set of equipment: organic fertilizer turning machine, semi-wet material grinder, belt conveyor, automatic batching machine, mixer, granulator, drying machine, cooler, rotary screening machine, coating machine, packaging machine. The investment price is between 39,000-70,000 dollars.

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