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What are the auxiliary equipment in the organic fertilizer production line?

1. Loader type feeder
In the processing stage of organic fertilizer, it is necessary to use a forklift to make the fermentation materials into the feeder. The fermented product is uniformly sent to the chain crusher through the feeder, and then processed step by step.
2. Screening machine
The rotary drum screening machine is a commonly used equipment in the production of organic fertilizers, biological fertilizers, and compound fertilizers. It is mainly used for powders of semi-finished products, finished products and returned materials. It can also realize the classification of finished products and make finished products evenly classified. The most common ones are rotary drum screening machine. Its function is to separate the unqualified crushed fermented materials, powdered organic materials and granular organic fertilizers.

Screw Extrusion Solid-liquid Separator Machine
3. Belt conveyor
There are a set of belt conveyors in the organic fertilizer production line. The belt conveyor in the production of organic fertilizers is generally about 0.6 meters wide, and the power is generally 3.0 kilowatts. The minimum length is 8 meters.
4.Dehydrator machine
There is water in raw materials of fertilizer. This machine can separate water from livestock, biogas residue and slurry, etc. After being processed in the solid-liquid separator machine, the moisture content of solid residue is between 30-45%.The screw extrusion solid-liquid separator machine and inclined screen solid-liquid separator machine are common used in fertilizer production line.
There are other auxiliary equipment in fertilizer production line. We have different fertilizer production lines. Welcome to contact us for more information.



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