Shunxin Fertilizer Machine & Production Line

Screw Extrusion Solid-liquid Separator Machine

Color:                               Blue

Main Power:                      4.0~5.5 kw

Pump Power:                     2.2 kw
Use:                                   To separate water from wet material


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  • Technical Parameters

Design Concept:
This machine can be used to separate water from excrements of livestocks, draff, biogas residue and slurry, kitchen waste, etc.
Excrements of livestocks are collected into a collection pond, in which there is a mixer machine that can mix all the excrements continuously. Then, the mixed excrements of livestocks will be lifted to solid-liquid separator machine by clog-free pump. After processing, solid matters drop on the solid material pile that is under solid-liquid separator machine, and the liquid will be drained away to the desilter. After subsiding and composting, the obtained liquid can be diluted as irrigation water. The obtained solid matter contains little water, so it is easy o be transported. It can be used to produce bio-fertilizer or be sold as fertilizer material.

This kind of machine is high-efficiency. After being processed in the solid-liquid separator machine, the moisture content of solid residue is between 30-45% . The output amount and moisture content can be adjusted. This machine applies to different raw materials that need to be separated. Solid matter is convenient to be transported and it is a good raw material for making fish fodder and bio-fertilizer.

In general, the screen of this machine should be cleaned every shift. When cleaning, you should take down the roof cover of the shell, and the you can use water torch to clean stemming.
Working Video

Technical Parameters

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