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What are the accessory equipment for the organic fertilizer production line?

The complete set of manure processing organic fertilizer production line includes fermentation turning machine, pulverizer, mixer, granulator, etc., as well as supporting equipment. Let’s take a look at the accessory equipment of the organic fertilizer processing production line.
1.Drum screening machine
The drum sieving machine is a self-cleaning sieving granule machine, suitable for sieving solid materials with a particle diameter of less than 300mm, such as organic fertilizer granules, compound fertilizer granules, etc.
2.Dust collector
The function of the dust collector is mainly to collect the dust caused by the induced draft fan during the drying and cooling process of organic fertilizers, compound fertilizers and other fertilizers.
3. Solid-liquid separator
The solid-liquid separator is also called a dehydrator, which can dehydrate poultry manure, organic fertilizer, medicine dregs and wine dregs. There are two options for dehydrator, screw type and inclined screen type.

4. Automatic palletizer
Automatic palletizing machine is a kind of automatic palletizing equipment, which automatically stacks materials neatly, saving manpower and material resources.
5. Belt conveyor
The belt conveyor is used to convey loose materials or finished items. According to the requirements of the conveying process, it can be conveyed by a single unit, or can be composed of multiple units or combined with other conveying equipment to form a horizontal or inclined conveying system to meet the needs of different layout types of assembly lines.
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