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What to consider when choosing an organic fertilizer production equipment manufacturer?

It is necessary to choose a strong organic fertilizer equipment manufacturer and a high-quality organic fertilizer production line to ensure the stable and efficient production of organic fertilizer. So how can investors choose the best among many organic fertilizer equipment manufacturers? Next, Zhengzhou Shunxin Engineering Equipment tells you how to judge whether this organic fertilizer equipment manufacturer is reliable.
1. Field trip
When purchasing organic fertilizer equipment, we have to conduct field trips. If we cannot come to the site, we can also make a video call with the manufacturer, so that the organic fertilizer equipment manufacturer can show you the real situation of the site and equipment. Through field trip, you can have specific data when comparing with other manufacturers, so that you can choose the correct manufacturer and product.

2. The “hardware facilities” and “software facilities” of manufacturers
“Hardware facilities” refer to observing whether the manufacturer has advanced equipment and randomly checking the operation of the equipment. When you test the machine, you can judge the reliability of the machine from its sound. The natural and regular sound means the reliability is relatively high. “Software facilities” refer to whether there are professional person and a R&D team. These two aspects can ensure high quality of organic fertilizer equipment. And they also show the level of the manufacturer.
3. The product
The powdered organic fertilizer and granular organic fertilizer have standards about the size of pellets. And the difference of pellets should be in a range.
4.Cases of customer
The number of cooperative customers can reflect the manufacturer’s experience, credibility, economic strength, and other comprehensive capabilities.



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