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Vertical Grain Dryer

Suitable Raw Materials: Maize Wheat Rapeseed etc.

Capacity: 5-32 t

Weight: 1300-7500 kg

Power: 4.25-13.15 kw

Warranty: 1 year


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The vertical grain dryer is a highly efficient grain drying equipment developed and produced in response to current market development demands. It can be widely used for the dehydration and drying operations of cereal crops, making it an ideal drying apparatus for cereal grains.
The mixed-flow drying machine employs low-temperature, constant-temperature drying, utilizing clean energy through heat exchange with air, ensuring complete coverage and preventing secondary pollution. The fully enclosed drying system results in high thermal efficiency, stable performance, and consistent moisture content during drying. It prevents grains from being moldy, facilitating long-term storage. It’s suitable for the drying of crops such as rice, wheat, corn, sorghum, soybeans, sunflower seeds, millet, rapeseed, and other grains and seeds.


1.The grain drying tower features a simple structure, small footprint, convenient operation, and does not require auxiliary equipment, facilitating easy transportation and mobility.
2.Fully enclosed drying. After the clean hot air enters the drying machine, it is transformed into water vapor, which is then expelled from the drying machine through the dehumidifying induced draft fan. This results in high thermal efficiency and stable performance.
3.Utilizing hot air as the drying medium, the grain drying tower employs a cyclic drying process, ensuring uniform and thorough heating, resulting in high-quality grains with reduced moisture content.
4.With minimal investment and low operating costs, the grain drying tower can automatically control the drying process, shutdown, and operation, making it user-friendly and suitable for the needs of small and medium-sized farms and individual farmers.
5.Equipped with automatic online temperature and humidity measuring devices, the grain drying tower significantly enhances automation, ensuring excellent drying uniformity.
6.The grain drying tower is easy to clean, preventing cross-contamination, making it suitable for drying various types of grain seeds.
7.The same equipment can be used to dry different grains such as rice, rapeseed, soybeans, wheat, and corn, meeting the drying requirements of various crops during different harvesting seasons. This improves equipment utilization and reduces downtime.

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