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Automatic Quantitative Packing Scale

Brand:                               SHUNXIN
Model:                               h-A50
Power:                                2.2kw
Use:                                    Packing


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  • Technical Parameters

Automatic quantitative packing scale is designed for quantitative packaging, which is divided into double bucket packing scale and single bucket packing scale. Double bucket packing scale adopts the integrated structure, and has proper height, compact structure, efficient energy conservation, novel appearance, simple installation, convenient maintenance. The system quantitative precision is two thousandths.

Characteristics of Performance

The packing speed is fast.

High measurement accuracy.

High reliability: main control system components adopt imported products, and instrument adopts Japanese technology;

The mechanical structure is reasonable: the system is free of maintenance and the material is adaptable.

Good after-sales service: stable technical service personnel; 24-hour after-sales hotline; provide sufficient spare parts and timely and perfect technical services.

Material contact part is anticorrosive material.

Working Principle

The main engine adopts different speed to feed: fast, medium, slow and special feed agitate the structure. Advanced digital frequency conversion control technology; sampling processing technology; anti-interference technology; realization of automatic compensation and correction.
Working Video

Technical Parameters

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