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Inclined Screen Solid-liquid Separator

Capacity: (Raw manure) 15-60m3
Material: Animal manure
Application: Fertilizer production


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  • Technical Parameters

Use of solid-liquid separator 
It is widely used in the separation of slag-liquid of high concentration organic sewage such as animal manure wine tank dregs starch residue sauce residue of various intensified farms which raise pigs chickens cattle and horses.

Characteristics of inclined screen solid-liquid separator
(1) It has the functions of sorting and filtering large & heavy materials first and integrates transmission pressing dewatering and sand removal which solves the problems of garbage winding equipment and closed operation.
(2) The separation rate of floating suspended matter and sediment in manure can reach more than 95% and the solid content of slag can reach more than 35%.
(3) It has automatic liquid level control function which saves more than 50% of electricity consumption and lows operating cost compared to similar equipment.
(4) The contact part between the equipment and the treatment medium is made of high-quality stainless steel and is acid-passed and passivated. The corrosion resistance is several times stronger than that of ordinary stainless steel which prolongs the service life.

Advantages of inclined screen solid-liquid separator
(1) Oblique sieve separator is suitable for solid-liquid separation of low concentration sewage.
(2) The inclined sieve type solid-liquid separator requires the moisture content of the material to be more than 90% and the solid content of the material is 0.3mm or more.
(3) High processing capacity less solid-liquid loss and the solid content of wastewater after treatment can be less than 1% easy to operate.
(4) Less investment and small installation area.

Application of inclined screen solid-liquid separator
(1) Biogas power generation heating.
(2) Fertilization of Vegetables farmland fruit trees and forest. It can also be raw materials for organic fertilizer.
(3) Sold to organic fertilizer plant as organic fertilizer raw material or self-made organic fertilizer.
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Technical Parameters

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