Shunxin Fertilizer Machine & Production Line

Ton Packing Machine

Brand: Shunxin

Suitable Materials: fertilizer, mineral, chemical industry,

                                building materials and feed industry

Capacity: 500-2000kg per bag

Packing Precision: Level 0.2


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  • Technical Parameters

Ton packing machine is a large weighing and packaging equipment used for packing materials with the capacity of 500-2000kg per bag. It is a multi-purpose packaging machine integrating electronic weighing, automatic bag stripping and dust removal.

It has high degree of automation and high packing precision; the packing speed can be adjusted; using the unique hydraulic lifting system to deal with the package is particularly easy, so its structure is superior.

Ton packing machine is often used for professional quantitative weighing and packing of solid granular materials and powdery materials with rapid speed and large capacity. The main components of the ton packing machine are feeding mechanism, weighing mechanism, guide rail mechanism, bag clamping mechanism, dust removal mechanism, electronic control part, etc., and the equipment is the international necessary special equipment for large scale packaging with soft bag at present. Ton packing machine is suitable for packing materials in fertilizer, mineral, chemical industry, building materials and feed industry.

Technical Parameters

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