Shunxin Fertilizer Machine & Production Line

The Working Principle of Chain Plate Type Compost Turner

The working frame of the chain plate type compost turner is placed on the fermentation tank and can walk back and forth along the upper track. The car is placed on the working frame, and the flip parts and hydraulic system are installed on the car. When the machine flipping , working frame go forward from the initial end of the fermentation tank at a certain speed, the car is stationary relative to the working frame, the flip component is in the deep trough and go forward along with the equipment as a whole. The chain plate continuously rotate, to grab the material from the groove and convey it to the rear to heap again. When one cycle work finished along with the trough, the hydraulic system rise the flip component to a  certain height so that it can’t contact with the material. The small car make a lateral movement for one width distance, the working frame turn back to the initial end of the fermentation tank, and then make the flip component return to the first place, deep into the groove, begin the next assignment.

Chain plate type compost turner walks along the fermentation tank, in the flipping process, the compost turner flip the fermentation material continuously, and make it scattered and produce certain displacement, and move backward regularly, equidistantly and incrementally for 4 meters in the pool, thus forming a kind of continuous aerobic fermentation process. This kind of high efficiency flipping operation is beneficial to accelerate the fermentation rotten of materials in the fermentation tank, reduce water content and improve the stability of materials after fermentation.




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