Shunxin Fertilizer Machine & Production Line

Installation of Organic Fertilizer Vibrating Screen

        1、The vibrating screen is installed horizontally on the foundation, or on the bracket. When installing, just simply bolt the spring support horizontally onto the foundation or bracket, because the whole machine has been adjusted before leaving the factory. If it is not horizontal, a steel pad should be padded under the support to adjust the horizontal bolts, and attention should be paid to fastening it.

        Discharge gate should connect with the receiving device flexibly without affecting the vibration of the sieve according to the different requirements, and should not have a collision with other devices. Likeness, the feed inlet should also connect with the feeding device, air vents and ventilation pipe flexibly without affecting the vibration and having a collision.

        2、The materials under the sieve can be uniformly fed outward through the bottom plate according to the feeding method, or can be directly screened down to the hopper without installing the bottom plate, which should be specially noted by the user when selecting.

        3、The screen mesh has been installed in the factory. The screen mesh needs to be replaced after long-term wear and tear, according to different requirements of screen hole shape and size and screen material. The installation and tensioning procedure shall be carried out as follows.

        A.Tighten the bolt nut on both ends of the hook head bolt of the screen mesh, until the screen is tense, then put on compression wood with a rubber mat, wedge the screen mesh  tightly with a wooden wedge. In the central of each flat place of the screen mesh, prick the screen mesh on the flat screen box tightly and evenly with a number of fine steel wire. Pay special attention to sticking the head of the steel wire into the sieve pores and putting it under the screen mesh.

        B.The new screen mesh is easy to vibrate distortedly at the beginning. After 2 ~ 4 hours of starting up, the machine should stop to check the tensioning degree. And lay down the wooden wedge to loosen the compression wood, re-tensioning the screen mesh, and pressure the wooden wedge again. When the screen is tensioned and fixed with steel wire, shaking voice of vibration will not be heard.

        C.The tightness of the screen mesh will directly affect the service life of the screen. Especially, the degree of wire binding plays an important role in eliminating the high harmonic vibration and improving the service life of the screen mesh. Users must pay attention.



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