Shunxin Fertilizer Machine & Production Line

Introduction of Cow Dung Biofertilizer Production Line

After composting, the processed cow dung can not be sold to the market directly, but it can be used as material to make organic fertilizer.

Compost products just can be used as base fertilizer because it does not contain enough nutrients. Therefore, it is necessary to add some phosphorsus and potassium fertilizer in the compost products and then you will get organic-inorganic complex fertilizers. Organic-inorganic complex fertilizer has the advantages of both organic and inorganic fertilizer. That means it can refine soil and provide nutrients for the soil quickly.

Biofertilizer products can be made into pellet and powder. For making it easy to be transported and stored, we suggest you to make it into pellet. The moisture content of the finished products should be: organic fertilizer ≤20%; organic-inorganic complex fertilizer ≤10%.

The process of organic fertilizer production line includes crushing, dosing, mixing, pelletizing, drying, cooling, screening, packing, etc. The capacity of a single production line is better between 1-10tons per hour.




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