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Temperature management of organic fertilizer fermentation

Temperature management has a major impact on the rate of compost fermentation and the quality of the product. The management of temperature must keep the temperature of raw materials above 50-55°C for 5-7 days to meet the requirements of microbial harmless standards, which is a more important production.
The main influencing factors of temperature are ventilation and compost turning. After the raw materials are adjusted and put into fermentation facilities, the change of compost temperature can be controlled by ventilation and compost turning. Different temperature management modes are adopted in different fermentation stages. Ensuring sufficient high temperature and high temperature duration in the secondary fermentation process is a necessary condition for fully fermenting organic matter and ensuring stable quality compost products.

crawler type compost turner
After the fermentation starts, the temperature rises, and as the fermentation progresses, the water loses the ventilation and takes away the heat, thereby reducing the temperature, and the temperature rises again through turning over the pile and supplying oxygen through ventilation. In this way, the temperature continues to rise and lower, and continued until the end of a fermentation. Entering the secondary fermentation, due to the change of the organic matter to be decomposed, the speed of fermentation heat production is reduced, and the temperature of the pile is greatly affected by the external air temperature and ventilation temperature, and the management process is difficult, so basically it is operated by turning over the pile and ventilation.
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