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Why use a turner when producing organic fertilizer?

The turning machine is a kind of mechanical equipment developed and produced based on dynamic composting. The early composting process is static composting, which is often transformed into anaerobic fermentation due to lack of oxygen supply. A lot of hydrogen sulfide and other odors will be produced, and there is a risk of explosion. Later, the German BACKHUS company developed a mechanical device that improved the oxygen supply in the aerobic fermentation compost and improved the shape of the material, called a turner. Following are the basic indicators of successful organic fertilizer fermentation:
1. Laxity: The biological fermentation method begins to loosen from the fourth day of fermentation, and it is in the form of fine powder.
2. Smell: The smell of biological fermentation began to decrease from the 2nd day, completely disappeared on the 5th day, and gave off a delicate fragrance of earth on the 7th day.

crawler type compost turner
3.Temperature: The biological fermentation method reached the high temperature stage on the second day, and began to fall back on the seventh day. Persist in the high temperature stage for a long time to ferment and decompose.
4. PH value: The PH value reaches 6.5.
5. Moisture content: The initial moisture content of the fermentation material is 55%, and the moisture content can be reduced to 30% by the biological fermentation method.
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