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Organic Fertilizer Fermentation Moisture Management

Moisture management is the key and difficult point in the composting process, which affects the process and production cost of composting. Water management needs to be carried out from three aspects: water content adjustment of raw materials, water control of composting process and water control of compost products. Most of the organic wastes such as livestock and poultry manure, kitchen waste, and sludge used as the main material of composting have a moisture content of more than 80% and are difficult to compost directly. It is necessary to remove rice husks, sawdust, prunings in the pretreatment stage. And the moisture content of the mixed material is adjusted to about 60%.
During the composting process, the moisture content will change significantly. Factors affecting the moisture content of the compost include the temperature of the compost, turning over the pile, and ventilation. The reduction of moisture content can be achieved by increasing the temperature of the stack, increasing the frequency of stack turning, and increasing the ventilation volume and ventilation frequency.

The moisture content of compost products varies according to different uses. Generally, the moisture content of compost materials after two fermentations is about 30%, which can be used as soil improvers and organic fertilizers for direct agricultural use. At present, in order to meet the needs of farmland fertilizers, the materials after composting are usually granulated and dried, or a certain proportion of chemical fertilizers are added for granulation and dried, and then sold as commercial fertilizers.
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