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Steps of making pig manure into organic fertilizer

1. Prepare materials and add bacteria: Prepare the manure that needs to be fermented, preferably fresh pig manure (the fermentation effect of fresh manure is better than that of old manure), such as: add 0.25 kg of pig manure starter to about 1 ton of fresh manure. The pig manure starter should be mixed with rice bran (or corn flour, wheat bran) at a ratio of 1:5-10 for later use.
2. Build a heap of pig manure: spread the prepared pig manure while building a heap. The height and volume of the heap should not be too short or too small. Requirements: The height of the heap is 1.5-2 meters, the width is 2 meters, and the length is not limited.
3. Regulate moisture. The moisture content of fermented pig manure should be controlled at 40-65%. Moisture Judgment: Hold a handful of pig manure tightly with your hands, see the watermark between your fingers but not drip, and it should disperse as soon as it hits the ground. Less water will ferment slowly, more water will cause poor ventilation, and it will also cause “spoilage bacteria” to work and produce odors. Therefore, we must grasp the water content.

4. Starting temperature. The start-up temperature should be above 15°C (it can be operated in four seasons and is not affected by seasons, try to ferment indoors or in a greenhouse in winter), and the fermentation temperature should be controlled below 70-75°C.
5. Mix well and ventilate. Pig manure starter needs good (consumption) oxygen for fermentation. Therefore, during the operation, oxygen supply measures should be increased to achieve mixing, frequent turning and ventilation. Otherwise, it will cause anaerobic fermentation and produce odor, which will affect the fertilizer effect.
6. Fermentation is complete. Generally, after 48 hours of pig manure accumulation, the temperature rises to 50-60°C, and it can reach above 65°C on the third day. High temperature, overturning twice can complete the fermentation, and the fermentation can be completed within one week normally. The material is dark brown, and the temperature begins to drop to normal temperature, indicating that the fermentation is complete.
After fermentation, you can make powder or granular fertilizer. Our organic fertilizer production line is complete in specifications and quality, and all indicators meet or exceed national standards. We have realized one-stop service for design, manufacture, installation, debugging, technical training. Different models and configurations is different price. Welcome to contact us for details.



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