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Fermentation method of pig manure organic fertilizer

1.Groove aerobic fermentation: This is currently the most effective method for treating pig manure, and it is also suitable for the commercial production. It uses biological characteristics combined with mechanized technology to completely decompose pig manure by using natural microorganisms or inoculated microorganisms and convert organic matter into organic matter, carbon dioxide and water. This method has a short fermentation time and generally takes about 15 days to completely fermentation, which is not affected by weather and causes little pollution to the environment. And it is easy to realize factory-scale production. Generally, the width of the fermentation tank is 3-20m, the depth is 0.8-1.5m, and the length is 50-100m, which can be designed according to the actual situation.

2.Strip-stack composting is to stack the raw material mixture into strip-shaped piles or stacks, maintain the aerobic state in the pile through manual or mechanical regular turning and natural ventilation. The section of the stack can be trapezoidal, or triangular. Bar stack composting fermentation is to spread the materials in rows and stack them in the open air or under the scaffolding. Each row of materials is 2-3m wide and 1-1.5m high. The length depends on the actual situation. Ventilation pipes can be installed under the material pile. The characteristic of strip-stack composting pig manure is that the material can be placed closer to the farmland, and there is no need for a dedicated factory building, but the processing time is relatively long. If the open-air method is adopted, it will be greatly affected by the weather.

3.The closed-type high-temperature organic fertilizer fermentation equipment can process the manure with a water content of up to 80% to about 30% of safe storage water at one time. The fermentation is finished in the fermentation barrel, thereby reducing environmental pollution during the drying process.

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