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Why is the organic fertilizer equipment always worn out?

1) Running-in wear: This is the most common normal wear of organic fertilizer equipment. When the new friction surfaces start to rub, the wear speed is faster. After reaching a certain level, the actual contact area between the friction surfaces increases, the unit pressure decreases accordingly, and the wear speed also decreases.
2) Abrasive wear: The wear surface is destroyed by hard particles.
3) Glue welding wear: when a certain material of the friction surface is too light, the contact pressure is too large, the lubrication condition is too poor or the temperature is too high.
4) Fatigue wear: This occurs more frequently on friction surfaces with rolling friction.
5) Corrosion and wear: Due to the continuous penetration of water vapor, chemical gas or oxides and other media between the friction surfaces, the friction surface is oxidized and deteriorated.

One of the factors that is relatively easy to cause wear on organic fertilizer equipment is dust. The organic fertilizer equipment will actually produce a certain amount of dust during operation. If it is not cleaned and maintained in time, the dust will enter the various connections in the equipment, and it will accumulate over time and become more and more dusty. If there are too many, the friction at the connection of the equipment will be greater, and even cause the accumulation of germs, which will cause certain corrosion to the equipment and affect the performance of the equipment. Therefore, we require the staff to do a comprehensive inspection and maintenance of the equipment while using the organic fertilizer equipment.
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