Shunxin Fertilizer Machine & Production Line

Steps for Turning Cow Manure into Organic Fertilizer


Cow dung and cow urine are collected, and then mixed with hay and rotting silage to make compost. It is necessary to use a compost turner to fully ferment the cow manure during fermentation. Only timely and even compost can ensure fermentation quality.

Crushing & Mixing for Burdening

Mix the composted materials with N, P, K and other inorganic fertilizers and other additives in a distribution bin, and then crush and mix them through a crusher and a horizontal mixer.


New type organic fertilizer granulator is adopted to granulate the materials.

Screening and Back Feeding System

The size of granular materials is different, so they needs to be screened and graded. The rotary screening machine is required to have small vibration, low noise, easy changing for screen, and be equipped with screening surface cleaning device. It is recommended to be equipped with automatic back feeding system for screening unqualified large and small granulator    


The granules after screening should be removed the moisture to reach the standard of moisture content in organic fertilizer.        


The granules cooled by cooling machine is easy to be stored


The granular materials after cooling will be transported into the finished product warehouse through the bucket elevator. Finally, the automatic quantitative packing scale will pack the granular materials.



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