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Production Process of Turning Peanut Shell into Organic Fertilizer

  1. According to the ratio of technical requirements, mix and ferment the raw materials of organic fertilizer, including peanut shell in the fermentation tank or strip. Then sprinkle biological fermentation agent: Stir well with weighing microbial inoculum and ingredients in a ratio of 1:10 (The purpose is just to expand the volume of the bacteriological agent to spread evenly on the raw materials); later weigh the required biological bacteria agent with the raw materials at a ratio of 1:10.000.
  2. If the water content of the raw materials is more than 70%, mix them with ingredients at a weight ratio of 3:1; then add the bacteria agent that has been expanded volume with the fermentation materials, stir well and stack. The moisture content of stirred fermentation materials should be controlled at about 60%. Stack the stirred fermentation materials with a height of about 1.2m, a width of 1.2m and a length unlimited. The temperature can be over 55℃after fermenting for 24-48 hours, and the effect of deodorization can be achieved after the three-day temperature rising. The materials after stacking and fermenting for 7-15 days can be used as biological organic fertilizer. Fermentation process: Heating stage, high temperature stage, cooling stage, stage of curing and preserving fertilizer.


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