Shunxin Fertilizer Machine & Production Line

Preparation for Constructing Organic Fertilizer Plant

Organic fertilizer production line includes fertilizer granulation line and fertilizer powder production line. Before manufacturing granular organic fertilizer,  the materials must be powdered first, so powdery organic fertilizer production line is an important part of fertilizer granules production line. The production flow of fertilizer granules making production line is as follows: Fermentation — crushing — mixing — granulation — drying — screening –coating — packing. The powdery organic fertilizer production line includes the above four processes (fermentation — crushing — screening — packing).

With the continuous emergence of organic fertilizer production line, most of the users related to fertilizer industry begin to manufacture organic fertilizer. Then what should you know about building organic fertilizer plant?

  1. Comply with the requirements about environmental policy. Environmental protection is not only people’s wish, but also the policy demand in the development of husbandry.
  2. Source of raw materials. The situation of the source of raw materials determines the plant location and the investment on site and transportation, etc.
  3. Type of raw materials. Type of raw materials determines the equipment used in each process, thus affecting the investment on equipment, etc.
  4. Production scale. The price varies in different organic fertilizer production line with different capacity.
  5. Site selection. Select site according to the production scale and investment budget.




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