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Screw Conveyor

Machine material:                 Carbon steel
Diameter:                             165-273mm
Conveying height:                 3.5m
Inclination:                            45º


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  • Technical Parameters

The screw conveyor is a product research and development by our company, which combines a variety of domestic and foreign screw conveyor production experiences. It is able to transport various materials and it’s compatible with various mixing machines. The screw conveyor is not only suitable for the transportation of raw materials in fertilizer industry, but also suitable for construction machinery industry to transport cement, lime, fly ash and other materials in the concrete mixing station. The screw conveyor is also used to carry loose powder or granule materials such as coal powder, sintering powder, urea, compound fertilizer, dry sand, flour, grains etc. in metallurgy, chemical industry, machinery, light industry, building materials, food, food storage and other industries. The screw conveyor mainly includes spiral, machine trough, hanging rack, feed port, discharge port, transmission device and so on.

Application and description:

The machine trough adopts a steel pipe as conveying cylinder, which has the advantages of large rigidity, good tightness, no leakage, and improved working environment.

The driving device adopts the motor direct connection type of the cycloidal pin gear reducer, which has the advantages of large power, little noise, compact structure and reliable transmission. The whole machine can be installed horizontally or obliquely, with small footprint, easy to install and use.


  1. The screw conveyor is complete set of equipment with decelerated electromotor, casing pipe and screw connected in turn, which is convenient for moving, disassembly and assembly.
  2. The screw is connected with the shaft end by a spline, which is easy for assembly and disassembly, large carrying capacity, good butt joint, safety and reliability.
  3. Good sealing performance. The shell is made of seamless steel tube and each end is connected by flange. The whole machine has no dust leakage and no material wasted, so as to create a favorable working environment and meet the environmental protection requirements.
  4. Small size, high speed, variable pitch, to ensure rapid and uniform delivery.
  5. The material inlet can be adjusted to certain angle of inclination according to the working conditions. User are free to choose flange connection, cloth bag connection or universal joint type flange connection according to the need. Please declare in order!

Technical Parameters

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