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Round Polishing Fertilizer Granulator

Capacity:                       1-8 tons per hour
Material :                          Fertilizer granules
Application :                     Round fertilizer forming


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  • Technical Parameters

Product Introduction
Organic fertilizer and compound fertilizer are different in shape when the fertilizer particles are formed in the first place, and the particle size is different. In order to make the fertilizer granule look more beautiful, our company has developed a series of fertilizer round polishing machines, such as organic fertilizer round polishing machine and compound fertilizer round polishing machine. Organic fertilizer round polishing machine is the round polishing device based on organic fertilizer, compound fertilizer granulator.

Characteristics of Performance
High yield and flexible operation mode. Consistent grain size.
Simple structure, easy operation and maintenance. The cylindrical granules can be rolled into balls at a time, without returning material; beautiful appearance, safe and reliable.
Good adaptability to environment, low cost and high efficiency; strong anti – overload ability, able to adapt to various environments; low energy consumption and production cost.

Working Principle
This machine is composed of two or more than two cast cylinder in sequence; the material after multiple centrifugal cast round is being exhausted from port discharge; the particle size of the finished product is uniform; the density is large; the roundness is smooth; the yield rate is as high as 95%.
The main raw materials, such as organic fertilizer, compound fertilizer, compound fertilizer, etc.; The main raw materials, such as grass ash, lignite, organic fertilizer sludge, straw and other biological organic fertilizer particles; the round of cake fat pellets, such as soybean cake, etc.
Working Video

Technical Parameters

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