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Advantages of Turning Poultry Manure into Organic Fertilizer

  1. Increase the yield and income of crop. Organic fertilizer produced by poultry manure is rich in organic matter, which can provide plants with NPK and many kinds of trace elements, greatly improve the quality of agricultural products and loose soil, and enhance soil permeability and greatly improve soil fertility Organic fertilizer contains nitrogen-fixing bacteria, phosphorus releasing bacteria, potassium releasing bacteria and so on. After application, it can transform the nutrients in the soil to be used by crops and continuously supply nutrients to crops.
  1. Effectively promote the growth of crops. The application of organic fertilizer produced by poultry manure will make a great deal of beneficial active bacteria multiply rapidly, thus effectively inhibit the growth of harmful microorganisms; at the same time, many enzymes are produced to promote the robust growth of crops, increase plant resistance to pests and diseases; And, the use of pesticides is reduced, ease continuous cropping barriers.
  2. Effectively improve the land quality. A large number of beneficial active bacteria are directly involved in the process of soil materials and energy conversion, humus formation and decomposition, etc., which has a gluing effect on the aggregate structure of soil, effectively improve the physical properties of soil, enhance soil breathability & water retention & fertilizer retention, prevent soil hardening and acidification, enrich soil fertility, improve fertilizer use ratio, lower fertilization cost, make the land achieve a virtuous cycle.


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