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Production process of cow dung organic fertilizer

Cow manure organic fertilizer can improve crop quality and reduce nitrate content. It can also increase the protein and amino acid content of crops. The following is the cow manure organic fertilizer process:
Before fermentation, it is necessary to prepare a fermentation cylinder or make a pile. You can choose cow dung organic fertilizer fermentation equipment like groove type compost turner, moving type compost turner, or wheel type compost turner. If you choose groove type compost turner, it is necessary to build a fermentation groove, and you can set up double grooves side by side to realize the working mode of one machine with multiple grooves. If you choose a moving type compost turner, you should build fertilizer piles.

During fermentation, you should mix the starter with cow dung, wheat bran and other auxiliary materials in accordance with the indicated ratio, and sprinkle it in the manure pile or fermentation groove. Then you can turn it through the compost turner machine for aerobic fermentation. The fermented cow dung organic fertilizer is dark brown with less odor and soft fertilizer.
Most of the freshly fermented fertilizers are lumpy and they need to be crushed by a crusher. The crushed cow dung organic fertilizer is added with other nutrients and auxiliary materials, and then mixed with a horizontal mixer. After mixing the fertilizer, the screening machine is used to screen out the large pieces that have not been crushed, and then the crusher is used for secondary crushing.
If the crushed fertilizer needs to be granulated, you can choose a disc granulator or a rotary drum for granulation. And then after drying, cooling, coating and packaging, the granular fertilizer can be sold.



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