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How to ferment chicken poop into organic fertilizer?

There are many ways to ferment chicken poop, which has different advantages and disadvantages. And the methods can be flexibly selected according to the output and purpose. For household farming, the output is generally not large, so you can choose the traditional fermentation method to make chicken manure organic fertilizer. The production of chicken manure organic fertilizer is used for sales, and the output is large. It is most suitable to choose chicken manure organic fertilizer equipment line, which is fully automatic processing.
Traditional fermentation method:
The traditional fermentation method, that is, the natural accumulation fermentation method needs to use chicken manure, fermentation strains and corn stalk accessories. If you don’t have corn stalk, peanut shells or wheat bran can also be used. After preparing the required raw materials, first you should look at the water content of the chicken manure. You can grab a handful of chicken manure, and observe whether the water between the fingers is dripping. If not drip, the water content is right. The right water content of the chicken manure is beneficial to the fermentation of the chicken manure. After mixing the chicken manure with the starter and auxiliary materials, you can stack them in a place where the sun can fully shine and cover them with plastic film cloth to prevent excessive evaporation of water. You should turn over every few days, and the fermentation will be completed in 3-4 months. The disadvantages are the long fermentation time is relatively long, environmental pollution and nutrient loss. However, the investment is very small.

Chicken manure organic fertilizer production line:
The materials that need to be prepared are the same as those for traditional fermentation. The starter, chicken manure, and auxiliary materials are mixed evenly with a mixing device and composted into a compost pile. Fermentation is carried out with a compost turning machine or a fermentation cylinder. This line is fully automatic without manual participation. And the materials are transported by belt conveyor to the crushing equipment for crushing treatment, and then transported to the screening machine, disc granulator and conversion drying equipment for screening, granulation, and drying. The automatic processing saves labor, cost and shortens time. And the processed fertilizer meets the organic fertilizer standard and they are more beautiful. However, the investment is large.



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