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Moving Type Compost Turner

Power:                                HP diesel engine
Use:                                    Fertilizer turning
Working Speed:                   6-18m/min
Rotary Speed:                      2200r/min


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Brief introduction

The moving type compost turner adopts four wheel walking design, which can move forward, backward and turn freely, and it controlled driving by one person. During the operating process, the machine rides astride above the pre-piled strip fertilizer bases, and the rotary blades mounted on the shaft mix, fluffy and move the strip fertilizer bases along with the movement of the moving type compost turner, so that make the fertilizer bases forming into new strip stacks.


  1. It can effectively and evenly mix the viscous poultry manure with microbial preparation and straw powder, so that creates a better aerobic environment for material fermentation.
  2. The whole machine has the advantages of balanced power, low energy consumption and large output, which reduces the production cost of bio organic fertilizer.

Working principle

It uses the diesel engine as the power source, and the material is turned over by the rotary blades, and it only needs one driver to control the whole machine.


1.The width of the fertilizer piles can not exceed the width of the moving type compost turner.
2.There should be a certain space left at the both ends of the fertilizer pile, which is convenient for the machine to change direction. The spacing between the fertilizer piles should be more than 1 meters.
3.This machine can not be used as a walking vehicle or a heavy truck.
4.The machine must work on the flat surface, and the ground must be cement floor.
Working Video

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