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Mobile Belt Conveyor

Model:                                SX-500/ SX-650/ SX-800/ SX-1000/ SX-1200
Power:                                3kw/4kw/5.5kw/7.5kw
Use:                                    Fertilizer transferring
Material:                             Carbon steel Q235/Alloy/belt
Color:                                 Green/Gray/Yellow/Red


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  • Technical Parameters

The mobile belt conveyor is a high efficiency, good mobility of a continuous conveying and loading equipment. It is mainly used for the place where the loading and unloading sites are frequently changed, such as ports, docks, stations, yards, warehouses, construction sites, sand quarry, farms, etc. Usually used for short distance transport, loading and unloading of bulk materials or pieces which weight under 100kg.


1. High precision and high bearing capacity.

2. Long service life (up to 10 years); compact structure, small footprint (reduced by 50%).

3. It is portable. And it adopts vertical transmission structure, which is more suitable for transportation and usage of organic fertilizer raw materials.

Technical Parameters

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