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Methods for Composting Pig Manure

First is direct stacking fermentation. This way takes longer, but costs less. Specifically, the pig manure and soil were mixed evenly and piled up under the environment above 15℃, then the dunghill should be covered with plastic sheeting to speed up fermentation. After about 20 days, open the manure pile, there is a certain temperature, white filaments produced, and steam, which indicates that the fermentation is finished.

Second is using compost turner to ferment. The difference between the two methods is that the first one mostly uses anaerobic fermentation and the second one uses aerobic fermentation. The pig manure mixed well with auxiliary materials should be built into a manure pile with a width of 1-3 meters and a height of 1-2 meters. After 7-15 days of natural fermentation, the temperature in the compost can reach more than 60℃. Then at this point, the compost turner can be used to turn the pile. The waking type of compost turner mainly adopts wheel type and crawler type. The two compost turners have same fermentation principle, but in the processing capacity, the crawler type is much higher than the wheel type.

Way for making pig manure pile: Mix pig manure with straw, sawdust, mushroom residue in an appropriate proportion. 1 ton of raw materials plus 1 kg of pig manure starter culture. Plus 5 kg rice bran into 1 kg pig manure starter culture, then evenly sprinkle into the raw material pile to ferment.



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