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Inclines Screen Solid-liquid Separator for Pig Manure

With the improvement of the awareness on environmental protection and energy saving, many pig farms have established biogas digesters and septic-tank to treat manure ans urine. However, the solid-liquid separation of the fecal materials is not finished before entering the biogas digester, which will greatly increase the unit capaciry of biogas digester. Therefore, it is necessary to use dewatering machine to separate pig manure in advance.

The inclined screen solid-liquid separator is usually adopted to process pig manure. The use of inclined screen solid-liquid separator can effectively prevent methane siltation and blockage, reduce the solids content in the effluent from the digester, reduce the handling load of subsequent environmental protection facilities. For a pig farm, the use of inclined screen solid-liquid separator to treat sewage can reduce about 100 tons of sewage every day. After the separation and fermentation, the manure can be directly used as the fertilizer of fruit trees, or sold to organic fertilizer plant as raw materials, which achieve both social benefits and economic benefits. The sewage after being separated flows into the desilting basin, regulating tank. After sedimentation, acidification and equilibrium adjustment, remove part of the hydrolysis sludge to the sludge drying tank.After being lifted by the pump, the sewage enters the anaerobic baffled reactor for the first stage biochemical treatment. The biogas produced can be used for power generation, sooking in the canteen, heating and so on, and the sludge deposited can be sent to compost factory to produce compound fertilizer.



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