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Introduction of Small Cow Dung Fermentation Turner

The small cow dung turner is suitable for a strip-type composting fermentation process. Fermentation raw materials like animal dung can be effectively mixed with microbial preparation and straw powder.
The engine of this turner is driven by a diesel engine, with four wheels running, which can move forward, backward and turn. It is controlled by one person, and the whole vehicle runs on pre-stacked long piles during the driving process. Rotating knife shafts fluff and move the stack of raw materials, and after the vehicle passes, it becomes a new bar-shaped stack.

moving type compost turner
The cow dung turner adopts the mobile turning method, which creates a good aerobic environment for material fermentation. With this loose material property, the fermented material can be heated within 24-48 hours, deodorized within three days, and fertilized within about 7-10 days.
The small cow dung fermentation turner has relatively loose requirements on the working environment, and it can be used in outdoor open spaces and sheds. During the working process, the material is stirred and broken by the turner, and the organic matter is decomposed under aerobic conditions, which not only improves the fermentation speed, but also prevents the production of harmful and odorous gases such as hydrogen sulfide and amine gas during the fermentation process. Welcome to contact us for details.



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