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Features and Turnover Requirements of Groove Type Compost Turner

A groove type compost turner is a turner that runs on a pre-laid track, which is also known as a track turner. It is suitable for fermentation and turning of livestock and poultry manure, sludge waste, biogas residue cake and organic waste.
The organic fertilizer groove type compost turning machine can be widely used in the harmless and resourceful fermentation treatment of manure in large, medium and small farms. The operator only needs to press the button, then the machine automatically turn the raw materials.
2. The groove type compost turner is suitable for fermentation and dumping of organic wastes such as livestock and poultry manure, sludge waste, sugar mill filter mud, slag cake, straw sawdust, etc. It is widely used in organic fertilizer plants, compound fertilizer plants, sludge waste plants, decomposition and dehumidification of Agaricus bisporus plants.
3. The organic fertilizer machine groove type compost turner is suitable for aerobic fermentation. And with the walking machinery, it can realize the function of one machine with multiple grooves.

4. It has the advantages of high efficiency, stable operation, sturdy and durable, and even turning.
When using the equipment to turn the heap, the turning machine should remove the bottom evenly, and try to turn the lower material into the middle and upper part of the heap to make it fully decomposed. The heap should be turned once a week. When the temperature of the stockpile exceeds 70, it needs to be turned over immediately, otherwise a large number of beneficial microorganisms and fermentation bacteria will be killed, which is not conducive to fermentation and maturation.
We have many types of fermentation equipment, and different equipment plans need to be formulated according to the different materials and capacity. Welcome to contact us for specific information.



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