Shunxin Fertilizer Machine & Production Line

Harmless Treatment on Livestock And Poultry Manure

  1. Pile the manure and other materials on the flat ground in strips. The width of the fermentation strip should be equal to the turning width of the equipment, then stack as high as possible, and maximize the length. Each 10,000 tons of production requires 5-6 mu of land.
  2. Apply fungus fertilizer starter culture to the manure pile.
  3. Using the compost turner to turn the livestock and poultry manure, domestic waste, sludge (its water content should be in 50%-70%) and fungus fertilizer starter culture evenly. The deodorization can be realized in 3-5 hours. The temperature will rise to 50 degrees after 16 hours. When the temperature reaches 55 degrees, the fermentation pile should be turned again to add oxygen. After that, when the temperature reaches 55 degrees, it should be turned and mixed, which plays the function of even fermentation, increasing oxygen and cooling.
  4. If the water content of fermentation pile is too high, then add ingredients containing organic matter or dry supplement that can absorb moisture. Or, by the method of reflux, put the dried manure on the bottom, and put the livestock and poultry manure with high water content in the middle, letting the water from above seep down.
  5. The normal production process for obtaining fertilizer takes 10-15 days.


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