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How to properly match organic fertilizer equipment?

There are many factors to consider when buy the organic fertilizer equipment. If we want to produce high-quality organic fertilizer, it requires us to learn how to properly match an organic fertilizer production line. The following is a brief introduction.
Generally speaking, the production of organic fertilizer equipment can be divided into four major steps: fermentation-crushing-granulation-drying-packaging. These necessary steps also have more extended procedures, such as mixing, cooling, screening, packaging and so on.

How to choose organic fertilizer equipment often depends on the raw materials. For example, the raw materials with higher water content should be used for semi-wet material crusher. If it is dry materials, such as dry cow dung and sheep dung, we can use a vertical crusher for crushing. In the granulation process, we can use disc or drum granulator for the finer fiber raw material such as chicken manure.
The above is the content of how to properly match the organic fertilizer production line. In addition, in the drying process, if the budget is sufficient, we can install a cooler after the drying process is over. In the later stage of the granulation, there are optional processes such as coating and rounding. These can make the particles look more beautiful and tidy in appearance, which is easier to sell.
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